Child restraints are a necessity for the safe automotive travelling of our children. 1300 Children are killed or injured on Australian roads annually. Our road laws attempt to provide protection for our children when travelling in cars, but parent awareness and vigilance are much more pertinent contributors to travelling safely with children. Child Restraint principles are simple but unfortunately there are many products that are often misunderstood in their day-to-day operation.
Understanding your restraint products and how to use them safely on a day-to-day basis is very important, as important as having it correctly installed in the first instance. Thus the integration of a restraint product into your daily routine is paramount to the ongoing safe travel of your child.

In a 40 Kmh collision a 15 Kg child's body can exert a force of 450 Kgs against their harness, child restraint chassis, anchorage tether and anchor system. Remember that's only 40 Kph?

Consider also that a child's size and weight varies enormously while they grow. Restraint products are designed to protect a child of a particular size and weight range. They should therefore be chosen and configured appropriately for the child at all times.

Children cannot make decisions about their own safety, they rely on us.
More than 70% of child restraints used on our roads are NOT used correctly.
Children do get injured unnecessarily through the misuse of their restraint systems.
Other passengers may get injured though the misuse of child restraints.

There's no need to guess. Considering the above why would you? For less investment than having a plumber replace a tap washer, a professional can make the automotive safety of your child assured.