First and foremost remember, these are safety devices . We are correct in grouping them with 'Life jackets' as for boating or 'Parachutes' for air flight. They are designed to minimise injury, to save the occupant from unnecessary harm. BUT! Only if they are used in the way for which they were designed.

Research has shown that more than 70% of restraints used on our roads are NOT used correctly. Sometimes faults are glaringly obvious, such as seatbelts that are completely undone. At other times the fault may appear to be of minor consideration. When pointed out to parents, many respond by saying how ‘minor a point' we are talking about. But, remember through a loading of 450kgs (Refer to ‘General Child restraint information') in a relatively minor impact a lot and sometimes-irreversible damage can be suffered that was otherwise unnecessary. And owed to a ‘minor point'.