What's all the fuss about Child Restraints?

Child restraints are required for our children's safe automotive travelling, yet unfortunately are often misunderstood pieces of equipment. Remember, first and foremost these are safety devices.

Parents: Many parents want to take their restraint products out and in as the vehicle they use changes. Maybe for a holiday, maybe between work and family cars, weekday to weekend etc:

Child Care Professional: People who work within a childcare environment and need to transport them must know how to use restraint products appropriately. The demand is high as the child restraint requirements can change hourly and duty of care issues abound.

Retailers: Many retailers have found that ‘in depth' knowledge of child restraint products is a benefit to their customers. They can provide more appropriate purchase advice and in some cases install on a professional basis using the ACRI training and resource network.

Restraint Fitment expertise: Many Automotive businesses from General repairers to Specialist dealerships need to know how to deal with their customers' restraint issues on a professional basis. This helps protect the customer, the child and the business when providing such services.

CRFM can help in all of the above situations, providing training programs for the single user (Parent) to the restraint fitment professional.

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